The Mill – Where it All Starts

We utilize 3 different saws – 2 Baker bandsaw mills 3638D & 3674D and a Mobile Manufacturing Company Mobile Dimension Saw. Between the two we have the ability to mill just about any size log.

We process logs provided by you or logs provided by us, mill to your specifications: length, width, thickness, quarter sawn or other.

Dimension Considerations:

Milled dimensions are “true dimensions” meaning if you call for 2″ x 4″ milled lumber, we will mill actual 2 inch x 4 inch boards. This is an important consideration since kiln drying and planing will cause shrinkage.

So, for example, if you want a final dimension of 1″ thick board you would mill cut at 1.25″ (called 5/4 and pronounced five quarter)  to compensate for the .25″ (quarter of an inch) shrinkage induced by the kiln dying process and the surface planing operation.


The Baker Saw in Action

The Mobile Dimension Saw in Action

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